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Free Delivery on orders over £99


Ironmongery is an everyday essential. While it may seem like a small final detail, the right choice of door, window, or kitchen furniture can totally transform the look, feel, and functionality of any space. When choosing your ironmongery there are three important things to consider; functionality, style and finish.

It's important to think about these three factors simultaneously as they all affect one another. For example, the choice of finish is often determined by the product type, and vice versa. If you're choosing ironmongery for a complete renovation or newbuild then it's vital to consider the functionality, style, and finish at an early stage to achieve consistency throughout a project.

Step 1

Determine your Window Type

Before choosing the style or finish of window furniture, you must determine the type of windows your property has as this dictates which type of ironmongery is required.

Step 2

Determine your Door Type

Firstly, think about your entrance doors - what locking systems do they use? Timber doors often feature a lever lock handle in conjunction with a sash lock. uPVC front doors typically use multipoint locking systems for additional security and are characterised by an espagnolette door handle with a longer backplate. It's also important to consider your internal doors - are they ledge and braced, or a thicker panelled door? All these are important factors to assess before selecting your door furniture.

Step 3

Choose your Kitchen Fittings & Accessories

From the Anvil manufacture a wide range of cabinetry furniture which caters to all property types, whether traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between. Often, traditional kitchens are fitted with revealed hinges and cupboard knobs, whereas more contemporary kitchens are suited to cupboard pulls and bar handles. From the Anvil also offer an extensive range of accessories such as lighting, curtain furniture, door stops, shelf brackets, coat hooks, and more, all of which can be matched to your existing furnishing to provide continuity throughout your home.

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